COVID rules are to be relaxed over Christmas with people allowed to travel across the country to see family and friends.

The “cautious and limited relaxation of the rules” agreed by the four governments of the UK will allow a maximum of three households to form a “bubble”.

Households will be able to travel between local authorities and between the four nations during December 23 and 27 to form this bubble.

However, choose your bubble wisely as you’ll only be allowed to join the one. There'll be no bubble mixing.

And the five-day relaxation period includes all travelling time. You can’t head to your bubble on the night of December 22 ready to start on December 23. 

And if you’re working, you can’t start your five day when the office winds up for Christmas. 

It's December 23 to 27. That's it.

The governments have also urged households not to use all five days if they can help it and to try and keep visits to no more than one or two days if possible.

You should also stay with your bubble "where they are hosting you and you should follow the travel advice for the level you are in".

That means if you're in a level 3 you should not go for a day trip to level 2 area.

Your bubble can gather in a home, an outdoor place or a place of worship

In all other settings - eg. hospitality, entertainment venues – those who have formed a bubble must only socialise with members of their own household

Households deciding to form a bubble will be advised to limit social contact before and after the period of relaxation

The Scottish Government says further detailed guidance will be published shortly.