The National:

SPITTING Image was one of the most watched TV shows of the 1980s and 1990s in the UK. At its peak, around 15 million people would tune in to watch the satirical puppet show lampoon public figures.

Revived for the 21st century on the pay-to-view TV service BritBox, the show is not quite having the comeback it may have liked.

A Guardian review branded it “toothless”, saying it should be skewering the powerful politicians, not “pandering to the court”.

By commentators on the right, the show has been branded “too woke”.

Worried about deepening the rampant divisions in the USA, American network NBC pulled the show from its airwaves at the last minute.

And then there’s the accusations of racism. These arose after the puppets of minorities were seen to have stereotypical traits such as big ears, lips, and noses.

In his defence the show’s creator, Roger Law, said that he “do[es] big noses and big ears. It’s personal – it’s not a racist thing”.

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Now, in a move sure to endear the show to millions of Scots, the puppet show has taken a questionable punt at Nicola Sturgeon.

In a sketch that has caused outrage on social media, Sturgeon is shown giving a “Glasgow Kiss” in Braveheart face paint, to name but two of the “lazy stereotypes” used.

One Twitter user wrote: “Where do you even begin with just how bad this is!? Terrible impressions and boring stereotypes. I've had funnier indigestion.

“Loved Spitting Image as a kid in the 80s. The original team must cringe watching just how bad this is. Truly awful.”

More succinctly, another added: “Tired, hackneyed, honking shatire.”

While a third said: “One of the worst things I've ever seen. The worst thing on the new Spitting Image so far. And that's saying something. What is the accent?!”

To answer that question, you’ll just have to hear it for yourself: