Ben Bradley won't be quoting Martin Luther King Jr

SOCIAL media is often credited with helping to spread disinformation, giving a platform to dangerous fibbers.

Every so often, however, the positive side of the online world is demonstrated.

Case in point: Tory MP and gaffe expert Ben Bradley being schooled by Martin Luther King’s daughter Bernice after misunderstanding one of her father’s most famous quotes.

Fresh from marking International Men’s Day by arguing that the Government should appoint a dedicated minister for men, Bradley took to Twitter to share his latest brainwave.

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He posted: “’I have a dream…will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the colour of their skin, but by the content of their character.’

“His point was than [sic] skin colour doesn’t matter. We’re equal. Now you want to define people by their physical characteristics?”

Ben Bradley won't be quoting Martin Luther King JrThe hastily deleted tweet in question

For reasons that will soon become clear the Tory MP hastily deleted the tweet, so we can’t be exactly sure what he was referring to. But it’s safe to assume he was talking rubbish.

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That’s certainly the opinion of Bernice King, the youngest child of civil rights leaders Martin Luther King Jr.

She replied: “My father’s point and central to his beliefs, teachings and activism (per his speeches/books) was this: We cannot condone racism, but must eradicate it as one of the pervasive, systemic, overt and destructive Triple Evils, with militarism and poverty being the other two.”

The American minister added: "To that end, we should his words, not to ignore racism, but to stop the type of suppression of Black votes that’s being attempted in Georgia, Pennsylvania, and Michigan right now. And to end health, policing and housing disparities driven by racism. Eradicate racism."

Bradley’s constituents felt compelled to give some context to King.

Colin Bramwell tweeted: “Unfortunately I'm from Mansfield where he's my local MP. He's an absolute tool and will never have my vote.”

If you come at the King, Ben, you best not miss.