A COALITION of Yes groups has begun an online protest in anticipation of a deal or a No-Deal Brexit in the next two weeks – and wants Remain-voting Scots to send in selfies highlighting the harmful change that most worries or personally affects them.

#WeDidntVoteForThis is organised jointly by the Edinburgh Yes Hub, All Under One Banner, Yes for EU, The Hills have Ayes together with individuals like Andrew Burnett and Lesley Riddoch.

The group wants folk to send selfies with posters starting with the words “We didn’t vote for …” and then include the single aspect of Brexit they most oppose. The images will be used in different ways online the day Boris Johnson announces his Brexit deal, which could be any day soon.

Morag Williamson from Yes for EU said: “The various forms of harm that are about to be inflicted upon us are all the more bitter for flying in the face of democracy. Let’s protest and publicise our message far and wide. We cannot hold large demos because of Covid, but we can spread a lot of ‘noise’ online via social media, if the public responds to our selfie call now. We want great, colourful, authentic messages on those posters to create a Twitter storm, tagging Boris Johnson, and using the hashtag #WeDidntVoteForThis on the day.”

Andrew Wilson, an organiser with All Under One Banner, commented: “All Under One Banner began its journey in 2014 on the streets of Glasgow, but the current Covid lockdown makes physical demonstration very difficult, even with social distancing. That shouldn’t mean we let an enormous moment like the announcement of the Brexit deal (or No Deal) go by without registering our total opposition to a break with Europe the people of Scotland did not vote for. So, we are urging everyone to help us make an impact on social media by taking selfies, sending them to the action group email – wedidntvote4@gmail.com – and giving us the raw material to flood the internet with the reasons we oppose Brexit being imposed upon us against our will.”

Mike Blackshaw of the Edinburgh Yes Hub said: “As a country Scotland voted 62% to remain in the EU. That’s why Edinburgh Yes Hub organised a protest on January 31 – when the UK technically left the EU and the transition period began. Now, with Covid restrictions, we are asking Scots to make their voice heard again – online. Even if the main British parties and the media have given up, it’s important Scots remember we are being forced out of the EU against our will and that we draw attention to this democratic deficit and every other one.”

Musicians and performers have already sent in their #WeDidntVoteForThis selfies.

Singer Eddi Reader said: “My second largest market for touring is Ireland – I tour regularly there February and September. But I have five players and myself who now must apply and pay for work visas. I play small theatres and arts centres ... with the occasional big city show. I fear the cost of visas may stop me touring in Ireland again.”

Musician and play campaigner Pat Kane said; “To be a European Scot has always felt like my ultimate aspiration – a reconnection that links past and future. Now Brexit puts the most tedious and petty obstacles in the way. I want Scotland to flow with Europe, and help shape it to a green, progressive future. Independence is the most reliable and permanent route to that state of affairs.”

Comedian Janey Godley wanted to highlight harsh treatment being meted out to migrants.

Williamson added: “Our group has been out on the streets every week since early August (socially distanced of course) to make sure Scots stay informed and alert about the twin threats of Brexit and the destruction of devolution by the UK Government. Scots are Europeans, and we want folk from other European countries to know we warmly welcome them here.

“Yes for EU urges all Scots to say loud and clear that we don’t accept the threats Brexit poses to everyday life in Scotland. It’s clear the only way to avoid harm and remain within the EU is independence.”

If the Prime Minister does manage to land a deal with the EU then some of the worst harms might be averted. However, the UK Government’s own modelling indicates that every type of deal reduces European connections and shrinks the Scottish


The group is asking for selfies with clear short slogans to be sent to wedidntvote4@gmail.com for use online when a Brexit announcement is finally made.