DOUGLAS is apparently not keeping up with events in Holyrood, as Liam Kerr already has a Tory-led opposition coalition up and running with the objective of keeping the debate about the Hate Crime Bill active in Holyrood right up to the May election (Douglas Ross slammed for ‘desperate’ coalition offer to Labour, November 21).

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According to media reports, Liam Kerr’s leaked message to Tory MSPs said the other opposition parties were becoming impatient at the lack of leadership from the Tories and were in danger of actually negotiating with the SNP to pass the bill, and it was important to keep this debate going as long as possible to harass the Scottish Government.

Apparently the Tories prefer to use Holyrood for the benefit of the London-based parties rather than making laws for the benefit of the people of Scotland.

John Jamieson
South Queensferry