SCOTTISH Tory leader Douglas Ross has been blasted for “brazenly attempting to use his football connections” to woo voters.

The party recently shared an interview with FourFourTwo magazine on their social media. It featured a prominent picture of Ross in his linesman uniform, with SFA logo.

It comes just two weeks after we revealed that FIFA were investigating after the Tories used a picture of their leader wearing the international footballing body’s logo on a party leaflet.

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Keith Brown, deputy leader of the SNP, said: “This is really low from Douglas Ross. Once again, he is brazenly attempting to use his football connections – this time with the Scottish FA badge – to try and gain credibility with voters.”

The same member of the Scottish Football Supporters Association who wrote to FIFA to suggest Ross’s use of the logo questions “the integrity of football,” has now written to the SFA.

The fan – who’s asked not to be named – has asked the Hampden bosses if they “endorse the action of Mr Ross?”

Or, he adds “will the compliance officer be involved”.

The Tories did not respond to requests for a comment.