THE Prime Minister was scolded by the Speaker during PMQs as he insisted on calling the SNP by the incorrect name.

Boris Johnson referred to the SNP as the “Scottish Nationalist Party” – he has done this several times since becoming PM last summer.

He was taking questions from Labour leader Keir Starmer, who was critical of the Prime Minister’s description of devolution as a “disaster” this week.

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During a Zoom call to northern English MPs Johnson also described Scottish devolution as Tony Blair’s “biggest mistake”.

Senior Tories have tried to row back on the comments after they sparked cross-party backlash, insisting the Prime Minister actually meant the SNP’s governance had been a disaster.

Johnson responded to Starmer’s criticism of his language and warning he is a threat to the Union.

Speaking via virtual link as he continues to self-isolate, the Tory leader told the Chamber: "I think what has unquestionably been a disaster is the way in which the Scottish Nationalist Party have taken and used devolution as a means not to improve the lives of their constituents, not to address their health concerns, not to improve education in Scotland, but constantly – and I know this is actually a point which is shared by the Right Honourable Gentleman who leads the Opposition – to campaign for the break up of our country and to turn devolution, otherwise a sound policy from which I myself personally benefitted while I was running London, but turned devolution into a mission to break up the UK.

“And that in my view would be a disaster. If he doesn’t think that would be a disaster perhaps he could say so now.”

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A frustrated Hoyle interjected: “Can I just say, it’s the Scottish National Party. Not the Scottish Nationalist Party. Otherwise the phones will be ringing long in the night.”

Johnson replied: “Mr Speaker, I’m so, I’m so sorry.

“They’re national, but not nationalist, I see. Right.”

It came as PMQs focused heavily on the comments made by Johnson during the Zoom call.

More to follow.