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IS there an independence supporter on the staff at The Simpsons?

First we had Groundskeeper Willie coming out in favour of independence, and now it looks as if they’ve possibly taken a swipe at Walker’s infamous Union flag tin. 

You’ll remember back in 2018, when the shortbread giant was at the centre of a Union Jackery row after a photo of their biscuits in a red, blue and white branded tin sparked an online storm.The National:

Well, in one of the latest Simpsons' episodes, 7 Beer Itch, broadcast in the States earlier month, a similar looking tin features prominently in a London pub brawl. 

Regulars at the Brexiting Swan (the sign features the bird shooting itself in the foot) are fighting over femme fatale Lily - voiced by the Queen’s Olivia Coleman.

While Willie uses his bagpipes to smack someone over the napper, one bowler-hatted, smartly dressed gentleman turns to a tin of Wankers Shortbread as his weapon of choice. 

The National:

The gag was noticed by Edinburgh based Twitter user, Freddie_23_23.

“Unionists summed up in the world’s most loved cartoon,” he tweeted. 

The National:

Just four days before the 2014 referendum, Willie came out in favour of a Yes vote. 

In a special YouTube video, the Springfield’s Elementary School janny ripped off his shirt to reveal printed on his chest the words: “Aye or Die.”

“That’s not a tattoo, it’s a birthmark,” he said.

He said the debate as one between “the freedom-loving heirs of the Highland tradition, and those who enjoy crawling like worms beneath British boots.”

He said: “I am hesitant to throw my support to either side – be it the right one, or the obviously wrong one.”

“I’ve lived in America most of my life, so I’ve seen first-hand how not to run a country,” Willie added.

With that in mind, he offered to take charge of a new, independent Scotland: “For a leader who can stand in the proud tradition of William Wallace and Andy Murray, won’t you consider the return of Scotland’s prodigal son – Groundskeeper Willie?

“Willie won’t back down to world leaders, because I haven’t a clue who they are and I’m not willing to learn.”

Walkers introduced a Union Jack tin to mark the 2012 London Olympics - the products are sold in London and abroad.

At the time of the row, the firm said: “We are absolutely proud of Scotland. We are very very patriotic and Scottish through and through.

“We are an international company. Most of our sales are made outside Scotland.”

“And we are a family company. We are born and bred in Scotland and we have had a family business here in Aberlour for 120 years, started with my grandfather and now my kids are in it and my brother’s kids are in it."