SOME of Downing Street's new televised press briefings will be broadcast from Scotland next year.

In the new year former Newsnight and ITV journalist Allegra Stratton will host the daily press conferences, which will be broadcast from the devolved nations, according to the Financial Times.

Stratton will lead the sessions, which are similar to that used by the White House in the US, on behalf of the Prime Minister.

Currently, political journalists are able to question the prime minister's official spokesperson - who is a civil servant - off camera every day.

These briefings are on the record, meaning they can be quoted and attributed to the spokesperson. Under the changes, the briefings will be on camera.

When held in Scotland the briefings are expected to be broadcasted from Queen Elizabeth House, the UK Government's headquarters in Edinburgh.

It was previously reported that 9 Downing Street would be used for the briefings but they will now be broadcast from devolved nations as No 10 launches a new Tory “Union task force” to try and stop Scottish independence

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For many years, the White House held an on-camera daily press briefing every day, delivered by the administration's press secretary.

Under US President Donald Trump, the briefings were stopped for more than a year.

It has also been reported Stratton was unhappy about suggestions that Lee Cain, who was a close ally of Dominic Cummings, could become Downing Street chief of staff before he left the post of communications director.

She made the switch from journalism to Whitehall earlier this year, after being recruited as Rishi Sunak’s communications chief at the Treasury in April.

Her hiring was reportedly a move that Cain opposed and he took it as a blow to his authority, and long-simmering tensions in No 10 began boiling over.