SO Cumming is going. So what? Swapping a disembarking rat for an embarking rat is of no concern to an embarking, socially distanced green iceberg, or a wee bugrat that cares nothing for changing deckchairs while the band plays Britannia Waives the Rules.

They say the plague was brought over by rats and now the coronavirus has been blamed on Chinese bats. Even the new saviour and vaccine discoverer, the “Terrible” Turkish German scientist, is at odds with those over-relying on his vaccine.

Marx wrote of symbiosis, or the dialectic, where opposing views have to be discoursed to reach a conclusion, like Scots law, based on European laws, based on Roman laws, based on Greek laws. English law, like their class system, is based on the Norman Conquest and we all know more about that than the English Conquest of Scotland in a so-called parliamentary “Union“. Ancient Greek philosophers used to walk about talking to and arguing with themselves, before reaching a conclusion. English public schools valued classical education, where they studied divide and rule to great effect, rather than grubby technical education.

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During the lockdoon I busied myself on lots of things, mainly securing my home base, by improving my estate to hand it over in a better condition to my successors. In other words, painting the hoose and DIY projects, climbing up on the roof; with arthur-itis on my richt knee, insteid of being in bed with my leg, and racing against time and the grim reaper, before my 84th burthday next month, must be done. I had a minor stroke at the end of June and seem to be OK the noo. My main worry is not the afterlife, which I don’t believe in, but will I see independence in this life? Will the newbies get their act together? I know I won’t see world peace and the Scottish Socialist Republic, but at least independence will get rid of Trident, with worldwide ramifications. Engerland do not want it on their Faitherland soil and American finance capital holds the Biden buttons anyway.

It is not just Scottish politics that is suffering from schizophrenia. The Lab-Cons, and Wee Wullie’s Inbetweeners, the Lib-Dums, have always suffered from that. But, they can always be relied upon to unite against Scottish independence and Scottish interests.

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They say the first thing on the Brit Nat left agendas is the next split. If they were ordered by MI5 to form a firing squad they would form a circle first. I spent some of my lockdoon watching historical films. The only thing they had in common, from Mongols, Muslims, Christians, Vikings, Germans, Chinese or Celtic, Indian, Native American, tribes etc etc, was their disunity. There is nothing more divisive than unity. The common theme was that grasses, traitors, and backstabbers allowed themselves to be used for gold, gain, or grievances. Julius Caesar said that he loved treason, but despised traitors. Nobody likes a snitch, or what’s a Scottish Office for?

I saw the results of the split game ruin the Scottish Socialist Party and don’t want to see that happen to the only party that can deliver independence, especially when the goal is so near. The SNP and indy are shooting up in the polls, despite the bickering. Does that tell us anything about priorities, if independence is a priority to some of these poseurs? Will the SNP put independence before sectional interests before the Unionist exploit the new pop-up indy parties? Will Alex and Nicola put Scotland first? Will I get a grant for a new roof afore the winter sets in?

Much as I love Nicola and Alex, I love independence first and do not want to be a deprived and neglected child, making a choice in a messy divorce case while the neebors frae hell claim all the assets.

Donald Anderson