THERE is much talk on social media about those who are against both the Covid lockdown and the vaccine. This puzzles and (I must confess) angers me.

Although “mask compliance” is now thankfully very high, it was not always thus. I put early refusal problems down to lack of understanding and I was able to reluctantly accept the unmasked group. If I saw a venue or perhaps a queue with a preponderance of unmasked individuals, I could decide not to join that group.

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The anti-vaxers however seem to have made a conscious decision to deny science and hence put themselves along with other members of society at risk.

Most of us want lockdown to SAFELY end and a vaccine may be our escape route.

To the anti-vaxers I appeal and beg, think not only of your own wellbeing, but the wellbeing of your friends, family, neighbours and society in general. When the vaccine become available, please, please take it.

Alex Leggatt