Amazon hasn't exactly ruled out the proposal...

DESPITE soaring support for independence, Tory ministers are insistent that now is not the time for a second referendum.

In fact, it won’t be time for another 40 years if you take Alister Jack for his word – which we wouldn’t recommend.

According to the Conservatives, indyref2 would risk throwing the UK into chaos. That’s something they are firmly against – unless it involves leaving the European Union, in which case they’re in favour of doing it in the most chaotic fashion imaginable.

In the absence of right-minded governance in Westminster, Scots have had to get a bit more creative in setting out the route map to independence.

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As much was in evidence yesterday after Amazon inadvertently reunited Ireland.

The website’s video platform was broadcasting coverage of the autumn rugby union internationals when subscribers in Northern Ireland complained that they weren’t able to log in.

Amazon Help replied: “We apologize but upon reviewing your location you’re in Northern Ireland. Rugby Autumn Nations Cup coverage is exclusively available to Prime members based in the UK. We don’t have the rights to other territories.”

The pronouncement of Irish reunification was met with references to the “Black Friday Agreement” and doctored pictures of the mural “You are now entering Free Derry” changed to “free delivery”.

It also got Scots thinking, with one asking: “Can we get an independent Scotland to go with that United Ireland pretty please?”

Other Twitter users were fully on board with the request.

One commented: "We've been asking Westminster for the right to another referendum. Turns out we should have asked Amazon Customer Support."

Amazon didn’t exactly rule out the proposal, replying: “Thank you for reaching out to us. We'll be sure to pass your feedback along to the appropriate team.”

Fingers crossed.