NOT in my wildest thoughts! Never once in my more unhinged thinking did I foresee the lack of spine as possessed by the servile servants of empire that have in rapid succession been forced upon Scotland. Aye, forced on us by a government that in all cases was not voted for nor supported by the majority of the electorate in Scotland and here of course I refer to the trio of Carmichael, Mundell and Jack.

One Libdem that sold out to the Tory sycophants and two that are Tory sycophants but all three acting on behalf of Downing Street and its imperial masters but never on behalf of Scotland and certainly not its peoples.

Between the three of them they have overseen gross manipulation of the press and TV news, they have lied at every turn to the voters here in Scotland. Who can forget Carmichael and Frenchgate or Mundell’s “rabbit caught in headlights” look and now we have Jack and his master’s definition of what a generation means in years?

Such is the way of populist dictatorships we are seeing the one in the USA not wanting to admit defeat and here the one in Downing Street not wanting to admit Scotland and her resources are lost to them.

The common denominator running through all the narcissistic regimes that have been working from Downing Street is survival of the imperial family, their courtiers, and the higher echelons of the government.

To ensure that all are kept in the splendid wealth that they are accustomed to they require the resource rich lands and seabed’s north of the Rio Tweed.

Be under no delusion that crowd do not care for anyone not of their circle, not of their breed and to be honest they find all this universal suffrage that was forced on them least they incur revolution all rather tedious.

After all, why should those not of Oxbridge have any say in the running of a country? “Dam your eyes, for after all are those peasants not just bullet catchers for when we require it of them”? 102 years ago, the guns fell silent on what at the time was the first large scale industrial war. The horror of the American Civil War had been forgotten about or its playbook just not recognised as the shape of things to come by the time of 1914 and that fateful drive through Sarajevo. So as a result, in Europe, the Middle East and Africa countless millions died more injured and many had their minds forever brutalised, and for what? For it to all happen again but only a few years later this time ending with the twin mushroom clouds over Japan.

At the end of WW1 great empires were cast down and broken, gone were the Ottoman, the Russian, the Austro-Hungarian, and the German empires and with them their leadership. So how did the UK survive all be it as a bankrupt shadow of its past imperial glory? Without doubt the biggest staler of revolution was the changes made to the voting regulations in 1919. At that time thousands upon thousands of combat hardened men were returning to these islands many with their weapons.

These returning troops under the old regulations would not have got the vote so in a desperate measure by a very reluctant establishment change was made. Not that much else changed, certainly not for the female suffrage and certainly working conditions were still gruesome and it took the General Strike of 1926 to further rattle the establishment. Millions of strikers branded traitors by the compliant press were the same men who eight years earlier had returned home “to a land fit for heroes” and whose sons would be called upon some 13 years later to once more go over the top.

Taking all this into consideration, I think that we are witnessing without doubt the final days of that empire conceived in London and the cause of misery in so many lands around the world. Of course, the defenders of empire will say that it brought language, infrastructure, and culture to all the “primitives” in what was coined as the “white man’s burden”. A thought process not unakin to that of all other empires that have had their talons sunk into subjected peoples.

So there you have it the colonial office Scottish grandmaster does not work on behalf of Scotland and we are one of the last subjected nations to break from the grip of their talons. If we are to survive in any just form, a country with any kind of meaningful social consciousness then we need our independence we need neighbours south of the Tweed and not masters! Our future is bright. Independence is right.

Cliff Purvis
Veterans For Scottish Independence 2.0