Can you explain your motivation for wanting to become an MSP?

My passion for representation, together with a strong voice and the desire to help make people’s lives better through policy development and community work drives me on. It is also important that our democratic structures are truly representative of our diverse nation.

What was the first event or thing that got you into politics?

I remember the damaging effects on industries and the mass unemployment of the Thatcher years and made the connection between government policy and the direct effect it can have on people’s lives. When I moved to Scotland, I became more and more aware of the need for self-determination and that independence was the only way to have the full powers needed to let our nation flourish and thrive.

What’s your career experience beyond politics?

I have been a teacher for nearly 30 years and have a wealth of experience across educational sectors. Having taught in a variety of demographics, I am acutely aware of how important education is, to invest in our future generations and make sure no-one is left behind. I have also been a trade union representative for the EIS and am currently a member of NASUWT Scotland.

Why should the people of your constituency vote for you in May?

The determination, compassion, experience and the strong belief in equality and equity that I have in politics and education will be a huge asset in representing such a diverse constituency as Glasgow Kelvin.

I am very keen on working closely with the council to achieve our carbon-neutral targets and want to see active travel routes expanded. Helping constituents with their issues is particularly important to me as I am rooted in the community and want to make a positive difference.

If you’re elected, what do you hope to achieve?

I will prioritise helping our community recover from the pandemic in a way that is sustainable. Many businesses have suffered greatly and will require ongoing economic support.

Building on the amazing work of Sandra White MSP – who will be retiring – by being visible, approachable, and responsive will ensure that local needs are heard and addressed, such as more affordable social housing and greener public travel routes.

I will also press for indyref2 to be held at the earliest possible opportunity.

With the powers of independence, what’s the one thing about Scotland you would change?

An independent Scotland would have full fiscal autonomy. We could roll out a plan building projects that invest in our infrastructure, create employment, and make sure our buildings are safe, energy efficient and accessible.

Tell us something unusual about yourself?

I was the first woman of colour to stand in the first Scottish Parliament elections and as such, I could be the first one to get elected as an MSP. While we have made much progress in areas of equality and diversity, we still have a way to go.