I HAVE been reading the views of Messrs Cowan and Kelly (Letters, November 12), and obviously as a life long monarchist I find them irritating as I am sure many other monarchists will (Scotland must rid itself of this house of horrors, November 10).

Chip-on-shoulder egalitarianism is boring and we see a lot of it.

The SNP exists to gain Scottish independence, not to facilitate people’s pet hates. If the monarchy is to be abolished that will be a matter for the Scottish people after independence, it is not for republican sabre-rattling now.

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I have a question for republican abolitionists: if the monarchy is abolished will the Crown Estates be returned to their owners? I know that the egalitarians will find the concept of royals having legal and civil rights an amazement, but they do!

R Mill Irving
Gifford, East Lothian

THE royals are great entertainment. The Harry and Meghan saga has provided lots of guffaws in our household.

Lloyd McKenna
via thenational.scot