OH how my heart lifted as I sat in bed reading Monday’s National and J Ahern’s letter (We should tell No 10 why we want indy, November 9).

I pictured at least quarter of a million letters arriving at No 10 from people living in Scotland who wish their right to self-govern to be respected and honoured.

The loss of the marches has, for thousands of us, been acute, as they are days of camaraderie, friendship, discoveries, recharge, joy and hope. It would be the best St Andrews Day ever if we somehow (with the help of Royal Mail) all managed to get a letter to arrive in Downing Street on or around November 30.

Please could The National co-ordinate this, rally the troops, and make it happen. It would lift the spirits on what is likely to be a dreich day!

It would also send a message that you cannot silence people who have a democratic right to be heard.

Jenny Pearson