MARGARET Ferrier is poised to make her first appearance in the Commons since she was suspended by the SNP for breaching coronavirus rules.

The Rutherglen and Hamilton West MP has not addressed Parliament since September, when she travelled to and from Westminster after developing Covid-19 symptoms. She was informed while in London that she had tested positive, but still opted to return home.

Since ending self-isolation, Ferrier has voted by proxy, with suspended Plaid Cymru MP Jonathan Edward casting a vote on her behalf.

She is now set to make her return with a question to the Cabinet Office.

Appearing virtually tomorrow, she will ask Michael Gove: “What steps he is taking with the Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy to ensure the adequacy of fuel and electricity supplies in the event of no agreement on the future relationship with the EU at the end of the transition period?”

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The Rutherglen and Hamilton West MP has lost the SNP whip, with Nicola Sturgeon calling her behaviour “utterly indefensible”.

Nevertheless, Ferrier has vowed serving the constituents who elected her, telling the Sun on Sunday she’d “panicked” on getting the test result and felt she’d no option but to go home, given that she has no flat in London.

Rutherglen SNP Constituency Association have called for their local representative to step down, saying its members shared constituents’ feelings of “shock, anger and sadness” over Ferrier’s actions.

The Metropolitan police announced last month that the MP will face no further action, stating the regulations on self-isolation came into force after she was tested.