A SPECIAL hotline set up by Donald Trump’s campaign team to gather information about supposed voter fraud has been flooded with prank calls.

The outgoing president, who has lost to Joe Biden, has repeatedly made false claims about the election being rigged.

With no concrete evidence presented to support the baseless accusations, Trump’s team established a “vote-fraud” hotline at campaign headquarters in Virginia to field calls from the public.

However, staffers told ABC the process has turned into a “nightmare”, with the phonelines becoming inundated with “prank calls from people laughing or mocking them over Biden’s win before hanging up”.

According to Axios, some staff have been sent “disturbing unsolicited adult images” as they deal with bogus calls from “lefty teenagers”.

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Eric Trump alleged on Twitter that the Democratic party was to blame for the prank calls.

Several of the prank callers have shared their efforts on social media.

Comedian Alex Hirsch reported a sighting of fictional cartoon character the Hamburglar in his call to Trump staffers.

A Trump spokesman told The Hill that the hotline had been “very effective”.