SEAN Connery’s dying wish was for his ashes to be scattered in Scotland, his widow has revealed.

The James Bond star died in the Bahamas aged 90 at the end of last month.

He will be cremated in a private service in the Caribbean country before some of his remains are brought back to Scotland to be scattered.

Connery’s widow Micheline, who was married to the acting superstar for 45 years, says the family will fulfil his final request once coronavirus restrictions are lifted.

She said: “Whenever it is possible and safe to travel again, then it is the family’s intention to return to Scotland with him.

“We would like to organise a memorial service for him in Scotland — that is our hope. But we cannot say when this will happen exactly.

“Sean will be cremated at a private service in the Bahamas and his ashes will be kept until we can travel.”

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Micheline revealed after Connery’s death that he had been suffering with dementia.

She told the Scottish Mail on Sunday: "It was no life for him. He was not able to express himself latterly. At least he died in his sleep and it was just so peaceful. I was with him all the time and he just slipped away. It was what he wanted.

"He had dementia and it took its toll on him. He got his final wish to slip away without any fuss.”