JOANNA Cherry has welcomed support from fellow SNP MP Pete Wishart for a new Plan B which has been submitted to the party’s conference for debate later this month.

The new proposal, revealed by the Sunday National, has been put down by the Common Weal Group (CWG), a grouping on the left of the party, and calls for the SNP to set up a working group to consider all democratic and legitimate routes to independence and make recommendations on party strategy.

“There is absolutely nothing wrong with this but let’s be clear it’s a proposal to set up a ‘working group’ to ‘consider’ a plan B. We should of course look at all options but they have to be able to deliver,” said Wishart in response to the paper’s report.

Cherry responded: “Great to have you on board with this idea Pete.”

The move follows the rejection of a resolution put forward by Angus MacNeil and Chris McEleny which included a plan to declare independence if there was a pro-independence majority at next year’s Holyrood elections.

The new Plan B follows a further statement by the UK Government that it will not agree to a new referendum for 25 to 40 years.

The idea was first made by Cherry, the Edinburgh South West MP and CWG supporter, who last month called for the SNP to “set up a group to work on gaming a copper-bottomed strategy, the details of which need not be advertised to the enemy.” It has been submitted as an amendment to a resolution on independence which states the party “will not accept” a Westminster veto on a new referendum.

However, it does not detail what action the party would do if the Prime Minister rejects a new Section 30 order request.

The SNP conference is to take place online from November 28 to 30. Nicola Sturgeon will address the event on the final day.