HUNDREDS of people have signed up for an online event to plan Scottish independence with registrations coming from as far afield as the United States and Burundi.

As exclusively revealed by the Sunday National, the Assembly this Saturday is aimed at the grassroots of the independence movement and will “discuss the how and the why of a national membership organisation and agree a plan of action”.

It will be addressed by the SNP’s Westminster leader Ian Blackford, as well as other major figures in the independence movement.

Since the event was made public last week, more than 100 folk each day have registered to attend with the total reaching nearly 800 by this weekend.

Neil Mackay, AUOB’s national coordinator, said he expected the number to surpass 1000 by early next week.

“This will be the biggest and best grassroots independence conference ever and will not be simply another talking shop,” he said. “There will be tangible results and a plan of action which will be implemented. We will not be stopped.”

Participation in the event is free although AUOB will be asking participants to contribute to the running costs if they are able. A wide spectrum of Yes groups, other organisations and many individuals who are not aligned to any group have registered to take part so far.

Carol McNamara, an AUOB organiser, said: “While physical gatherings are not possible in these difficult times, the benefits of online events are being demonstrated by this event.

“Supporters of Scottish independence from as far away as the USA and Burundi and from across the length and breadth of Scotland have registered to take part. It wouldn’t be a realistic possibility to hold such a meeting in a physical space, but technology allows us to do it online.”

The Assembly is seen as a vehicle for building a stronger and better movement that will play a vital role in coordinating and helping the movement to success.

“AUOB collaborates with other groups in the movement and is helping to weld together the many different forces in our movement, including the SNP,” added McNamara. “It is more vital than ever that we pull together because it will take the entire movement working together to get us to Scotland’s independence.”

AUOB’s Assembly will be hosted on an online event platform which provides a virtual venue with multiple interactive areas that are optimised for connecting and engaging. Attendees can move in and out of rooms just like an in-person event. There will speakers, Q&A sessions, workshops and plenty of space to network.

To take part, representatives of groups and individuals can register at