PEOPLE from Denmark are banned from entering the UK amid fears over a new coronavirus strain which spread from humans to mink.

UK nationals or residents are still allowed to return but under new rules implemented across the four nations must now self-isolate with all members of their household for 14 days.

It comes after a mutated strain of coronavirus, linked to mink farms, prompted culls of millions of mink across Denmark.

There have been 200 people infected with strains related to the animal, it was reported.

There are concerns that mutations in some of the strains, which may involve the spike protein of the virus, could have an impact on the development of an effective coronavirus vaccine.

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Currently, there is no evidence that the strains pose additional danger to people.

Officials are now working to contact people who have been in Denmark over the last 14 days to ensure they follow self-isolation rules.

The ban on people from Denmark arriving in the UK includes foreign visitors who have been in or transited through Denmark, and took effect early this morning.

On Twitter this morning, Nicola Sturgeon wrote: “A new strain of Covid that has come from mink in Denmark is causing concern.

“If you are a UK resident returning home from Denmark you - and your household - MUST isolate for 14 days. Visitors from Denmark are not able to enter the UK at all for now.”