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THE First Minister’s tweets have been read out on American news broadcaster NBC as an example of how “world leaders” are reacting to the aftermath of the US election.

Host Lindsey Reiser and a reporter discussed what’s being said across the globe as Donald Trump continues to make unfounded allegations of voter fraud and claim he won the election despite there being many votes left to count.

The US president has been demanding vote counts are stopped in areas where Biden is ahead but insistent that counters must continue in places where he leads.

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The reporter told the host: “We saw the German Foreign Ministry, for example – ‘We have faith in America’s legal system. People in the US and Germany share a belief in democracy, the freedom and dignity of every individual and in their right to vote.”

She went on: “I’ll share Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon tweeted out, she said: ‘As we’re seeing across the Atlantic just now, politicians who rage against democracy don’t prevail.

“’Power doesn’t belong to politicians – it belongs to the people.’

“And she later added as Joe Biden took the lead in some key swing states earlier today, she actually tweeted: ‘The world can be a dark place at times just now – but today we are seeing a wee break in the clouds.’”

The reporter added: “So certainly not seeing any world leaders come out and support or endorse or commit to one candidate yet but a lot of talk about democracy.”

On Twitter, most people welcomed the footage. “Very proud of our First Minister,” said one commenter. “World leader ... go for it FM,” another added.

“[Nicola Sturgeon] recognised worldwide as a political leader of stature who has earned and deserves our respect,” wrote Leslie Blair.

And Gordon commented: “As others see us ... @NicolaSturgeon is recognised as a world leader and by extension Scotland stands with the other nations of the world.”

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But you don’t need us to tell you that some folks just couldn’t see the positive.

Sturgeon being quoted on the issue, while Boris Johnson and his Cabinet keep out of it in an effort to appease Trump, just doesn’t make sense to some hardliners.

“This just shows the Americans haven't a clue who Nicola Sturgeon is or what she stands for. If anyone has raged against democracy it's her,” one person said, prompting entertaining gif choices in the replies.

Another user added: “The hypocrisy of Sturgeons two statements made about the U.S. Elections are obviously oblivious to her and clearly shows she is NOT FIT for Office.”

Jack Elpinstone was entertained by some of the Union Flag Account responses. “So many going tonto because Nicola Sturgeon is being described as a world leader.

“It's upsetting all of the right people.”