NUMBER 10 has refused to say that all US election votes should be counted as the UK Government continues its failure to criticise Donald Trump.

The US president has been widely condemned for falsely claiming he won the US vote, alleging electoral fraud with no evidence and insisting vote counts be stopped in places were Joe Biden is leading.

Earlier this week Boris Johnson refused to call out Trump’s false victory claim, while the Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab did the same.

Last night Trump made an unhinged speech filled with false claims about mail-in ballots as Biden looked set to take the lead in the state of Georgia.

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Around the world there are warnings over Trump’s failure to respect the democratic process – days ago Scotland’s First Minister said the days ahead will be crucial to protect the “integrity” of America’s democracy.

Pressed again today after Trump ramped up his lies, the UK Government again failed to criticise the president.

They repeatedly refused to say that all votes in the US election, or any election around the world, should be counted.

Writer Liam Young was stunned. He wrote on Twitter: “Pretty incredible that Number 10 is refusing to even say that every vote should be counted in the US election.

“Even Republican officials can bring themselves to say it. So much attention is put on the demagoguery of Trump but Tories are trying their best to match it.”

This morning Democratic challenger Joe Biden pulled ahead in the Georgia count, indicating his win is coming soon.

Security around the former VP has been increased as he is now hotly tipped to be the next president.

States still counting include Alaska, Arizona, Georgia, North Carolina, Nevada and Pennsylvania.