SCOTTISH Tories claim they will tell Boris Johnson to stay away from next year’s Holyrood election as they party looks set to fall into third place in the vote.

A new Survation poll put the Tories on track to come third, behind Labour, in 2021. Meanwhile the SNP are set to gain an incredible 70 seats.

It came as the 12th poll in a row showed majority support for Scottish independence, too.

Recent surveys have shown how a strong dislike for Johnson in Scotland is fuelling rising support for self-determination.

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Speaking to The Herald, a former minister insisted Johnson would not appear on party leaflets and wouldn’t be welcome coming to Scotland for photo opportunities during the Holyrood campaign.

They also described Ruth Davidson (below) as the party’s “leader”, despite Douglas Ross holding that title. Davidson represents the Scottish Tory group in the Scottish Parliament but stepped down from the leadership position last year.

The former minister said: “How many Tory candidates for the Holyrood election will put Boris in their leaflets? None. Anyone in the Conservative Party doesn’t want him anywhere near that election.

“They won’t want him to come up, they won’t want any photos. Ruth will be the leader with Douglas as her liegeman. There will be no sign of Boris.”

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The comments come as Johnson faces further distrust within his own party, with one Tory backbencher calling last week’s English lockdown leak “farcical”.

They said having a Cabinet staffed with people who were supportive in the Brexit debate and a “woeful” comms team is “a perfect storm”.

Another ex-minister said the Prime Minister’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic showed he was not up for the job.

“Lots people grow into office. Theresa May, despite her problems, looked like a Prime Minister; he does not,” they said.

The comments will add fuel to the rumours that Johnson will step down after delivering Brexit next year.

The Tory leader reportedly privately complains that he cannot live on the PM’s salary of £150,402.

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Rishi Sunak would be the bookies’ favourite to replace Johnson, and senior Scottish Tories have shown their support for the Chancellor taking on the role.

Last month ahead of Johnson’s party conference speech Murdo Fraser, the shadow finance minister, shared a post from columnist Iain Macwhirter which praised Sunak but was critical of Johnson.

The post read: “[Rishi] Sunak reaches the parts Boris cannot.

“He’s as fluent and convincing as Tony Blair used to be. And he is BAME to boot.

“Tories have their next PM-in-waiting when Boris gives up the ghost. Labour could be out for a generation.”