MARTIN Keatings and his 7000 funding supporters were celebrating last night after a judge in the Court of Session ruled that there must be no more barriers to a two-day hearing into the case of the People’s Action on Section 30.

Keatings, convener of Forward As One, is asking the court to declare that the Scottish Parliament has the power under the provisions of the Scotland Act 1998 to legislate for the holding of a referendum on whether Scotland should be an independent country, without requiring the consent of the UK Government.

At a hearing conducted by video conferencing, Lady Carmichael ruled that the Advocate General must ensure that the exchanging of written arguments between parties will now take place.

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This will be immediately followed by the case being scheduled to be heard in full before the Court of Session in a two-day hearing.

Keatings said: “Today has been a good day in advancing this serious matter of law with respect to the constitutional question, and to get a proper determination that it is legally competent for the Scottish Parliament to legislate for a second referendum without the consent of Westminster.

“For months, we have had to face down procedural hurdles occasioned by the Scottish Ministers, the Lord Advocate and the Advocate General which have caused delay after delay for no other reason than the fact that our position is beyond argument.

“Today Lady Carmichael’s ruling puts an end to these deliberate attempts to block and slow down this case from coming before the court. We thank her for her fair-minded ruling.”