THE Independence for Scotland Party has refused to back down after promoting a “fake endorsement” from SNP MP Kenny MacAskill.

A graphic shared by the party on social media contains an image of the former justice minister and includes the quote “both votes SNP just doesn’t work”. It encourages Scots to “vote ISP on the regional list”.

The National:

MacAskill told The National that the advert was made without his consent, stating: “I did not endorse that.”

He added: “It’s inappropriate by them. I am an SNP member.”

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SNP councillor Mhairi Hunter accused the ISP of “dishonesty”.

She tweeted: “Extraordinary. Like most organisers, I had it drummed into me never to put your opponents on your leaflets – but no-one warned us to watch out for opponents putting SNP politicians on theirs, with fake endorsements.

“Do they honestly think they will get away with this dishonesty?”

The ISP was formed last year and aims to boost the pro-independence majority at next year’s Scottish Parliament elections.

The party rejected accusations that the MacAskill graphic was a fake endorsement and insisted it had done nothing wrong.

A spokesperson told The National: “We make no apologies for drawing attention to comments from senior figures within the independence movement that support our position, but at no point was there any suggestion in the advert that those in question supported ISP as a party.

“It is common practice to put the photograph of a person being quoted and no need to ask for permission to quote someone’s published words regarding us as a party.”

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The quotes from MacAskill were lifted from an article he penned in July for the Scotsman.

The East Lothian MP wrote: “With success on the constituency basis resulting in limited progress on the list, ‘Both Votes SNP’ just doesn’t work.”

He continued: “But if a referendum is denied by Westminster intransigence, then this is a way to achieve it. People can vote for their preferred candidate for Government on the constituency ballot, but for their constitutional choice on the list.

“This election is critical given where Boris Johnson is taking us all. It’s time the SNP discussed all options, not just the one that fails to deliver either seats or a referendum.”