SCOTLAND will decide whether or not to implement nationwide lockdown decisions based “on circumstances here”, not England, the First Minister has said.

It comes after UK Government plans to implement England-wide restrictions were leaked to the press last night.

In England, coronavirus cases are increasing faster than the reasonable “worst-case scenario” anticipated.

However in Scotland the rate of increase appears to have slowed after restrictions on hospitality and household gatherings were brought in weeks ago.

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Boris Johnson will reportedly bring in restrictions similar to March’s lockdown as early as next week, with everything but essential shops and education facilities made to close.

A decision is yet to be made but a press conference is expected on Monday – Cabinet is meeting later this afternoon amid “fury” over the leaked information.

Speaking to Twitter, the First Minister made clear she would not blindly follow Johnson’s lead.

She wrote: “Prevalence of the virus is currently lower in Scotland than in other parts of the UK and there are early signs that the tough restrictions in place since we moved quickly in late September have started to slow the rate of increase...

“We will base decisions on circumstances here - though what happens just across our border is clearly not irrelevant to our considerations. In coming days @scotgov will consider data on the spread of the virus, as we always do, and take account of any developments in England...

“Amongst other factors, this consideration will have to include whether any financial support will be available now as a result of steps in England, which would not be guaranteed to Scotland later.

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“Most importantly, we urge everyone to comply with current restrictions, including on travel. People should not travel to or from level 3 areas in Scotland and for now, we are asking people not to travel to or from England at all, except for essential purposes.”

The Welsh government, which brought in a nationwide circuit-breaker-style lockdown due to finish in days, has indicated it will also not follow England's lead. 

The leaked details of plans for England come just days after Scotland's First Minister revealed which levels of Covid-19 restrictions each Scottish local authority area will face from Monday.

Those living in level 3 areas, which are most central belt areas, should not travel outside of their local authority – those living in places with fewer restrictions should not visit level 3 areas either.

The First Minister warned on Thursday, however, that she could not rule out a future nationwide lockdown if coronavirus cases continue to rise.