THE Citizens’ Assembly of Scotland is preparing to produce a series of recommendations as part of its “road map” for the country.

Members will meet virtually tomorrow to draw up suggestions for action, with their recommendations to be made public next Friday.

Announced by First Minister Nicola Sturgeon last year, the Citizens’ Assembly has brought together 100 broadly representative people from across the country to consider some of the big constitutional questions.

The National:

Convener Kate Wimpress said: “Our meeting this weekend is about people from all walks of life across Scotland agreeing recommendations for how their shared vision for the country can be achieved.

“These recommendations are part of the road map for Scotland that our members have pieced together at a really challenging time and I cannot thank them enough for their hard work and commitment.”

Assembly members had already met in person four times before the coronavirus pandemic forced a temporary pause in their work.

But the group has now produced a “shared vision” for Scotland, including 10 statements they feel symbolise the country they would like to see in the future.

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These include having a country with “integrity, honesty, and humility” that seeks to “actively include the people of Scotland in decision-making”, as well as making clear it believes “authorities have a duty to publish information that is valid, accurate, reliable, verifiable and accessible to all”.

Assembly member Caroline, said: “I think the work of the assembly is important for my children and grandchildren.

“It’s been eye-opening learning about politics and the country, and it’s nice to listen to others’ views and understand where they are coming from.

“Everyone gets their chance to speak.”

Ibraheem, another member, said: “I have a busy life but I make the assembly a priority because I know it’s important.

“It’s not often you get exposed to other people’s views from across Scotland, hear their opinion and see what their life is like.

“It’s a unique privilege.”