NICOLA Sturgeon has warned about relying on the new 12-minute Covid tests announced by a high street chain.

Boots pharmacy today announced plans to roll out the 12-minute tests in 10 stores across five UK cities, including Glasgow and Edinburgh, with scope to expand into 40 more.

The tests use a nose swab sample taken on the spot to quickly give results from a small, portable machine.

The First Minister cautioned that this method is not a reliable long-term indicator, as the incubation period of the coronavirus means a person who tests negative on Monday may be positive on Tuesday.

She further cautioned that a negative test did not mean a person was free to ignore the Government’s Covid restrictions or guidance.

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Speaking today at the live briefing, the First Minister said: “We should all be very enthusiastic about new technology and the contribution it can make to the fight against this virus, but it’s important we don’t overstate certain things.

“A rapid test done on one day that shows you are negative does not mean you will be negative the next day because of the incubation period of the virus.

“It doesn’t necessarily mean that you can go and buy a test from Boots, test negative, and then not abide by all of the rules and all of the guidance. It’s not quite that straightforward.

“I think we have to be enthusiastic about the role of different testing approaches but also be clear that we all have to do these other things as well for the foreseeable future.”

Sturgeon echoed Professor Paul Hunter, from the University of East Anglia, who told the BBC that, while the test could give peace of mind at the time it was taken: "A negative test today tells you nothing really about whether you are going to be positive a day or two later."

The tests from Boots will initially cost £120 each, but a spokesperson said this price may come down according to demand.