The National:

THE Scottish Tories were desperate for everyone to know that they now support free school meals. But would they put their money where their mouth is?

Well, we found out just one month after their big policy announcement. The answer was no.

On September 18 the party’s plan to give all primary school pupils in Scotland free breakfast and lunch was revealed.

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The announcement was very much pushed as something brought forward by Ross, with him discussing his mum’s work as a dinner lady and how that showed him “the difference that providing these meals can make”.

Ross shared the Press and Journal piece the following day, telling Twitter: “I just want to make sure no-one falls through the cracks and by giving this to all primary school pupils we can make sure the offer is there for everyone.”

So then, last night was his big opportunity to prove the Scottish Tories really are different to their Westminster counterparts as he has been so keen to suggest.

After a horrific day of UK Tory MPs bringing shame on themselves by arguing against Marcus Rashford’s free school meals extension because kids have gone hungry “for years”, or because we shouldn’t be “nationalising children”, Ross could have made a stand against his London bosses.

Ross didn’t vote for or against the Labour motion. He abstained. Meanwhile, the five other Scottish Tory MPs voted against extending free school meals for kids who need them in England over the upcoming breaks.

So understandably when his September 19 tweet resurfaced, people were not happy.

Ian Blackford said Ross “should be ashamed”, reminding Twitter that the Scottish Government has already committed to free school meals over the Christmas and Easter holidays.

Aamer Anwar added: “Remember that time @Douglas4Moray said he cared enough to make sure no child ‘falls through the cracks’, well tonight not a single Scottish Tory MP voted for #FreeSchoolMeals.”

SNP MP Peter Grant quote tweeted Ross’s post, adding: “This is what the leader of the Scottish Tories said last month.

“Exactly thirty two days later he voted against giving free school meals to school children.

“Never, ever, believe a promise from a Tory.”