“SET date to get Trident out of Scotland” said your headline on Tuesday. Like many others I pin my hopes for a nuclear-free Scotland on the government of a soon-to-be independent Scotland. I am sure that I am not alone.

Nor am I alone in having fears that some of us will do a deal to lease Faslane to London and Nato. Of late, ripples have started to appear in the political water, with commentators like Trevor Royle and Gerry Hassan suggesting that a deal could be done to lease Faslane to London and allow them to park their nuclear obscenities there indefinitely.

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Nato has fans on our territory, and it would not take much to buy out some of the careerists I see exercising political power in Holyrood and Westminster.

Those who were very keen to endorse Nato will be at the front of the queue to sign a lease on Faslane. Let me ask two simple questions: “What is Nato for?” and “Why do we need nuclear weapons?”

Hamish Kirk