GINGER, the namesake of Paul Kavanagh’s pro-independence Wee Ginger Dug blog, has been put to sleep after suffering with arthritis.

Independence campaigner and National columnist Paul suffered a severe stroke last week and has been left paralysed down one side as a result.

Updating followers on his condition in a blog post last night, he explained he had some more “awful news to end an awful week”.

“I am devastated to tell you that Ginger the dug has gone off to the great big dog park in the sky,” Paul wrote.

“His arthritis had got so bad he could no longer stand. He had stopped eating and wouldn’t take his medicine, there was nothing more the vet could do.”

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Paul explained that his partner was with Ginger when he was put to sleep and the dog “knew he was loved”. “The end was very peaceful,” Paul said.

The blogger added: “He came into my life as a lost and abandoned Spanish dug and over the course of his life, he showed an entire nation the way home.

“Much love Ginger I am going to miss you. You’ll never be lost or abandoned again. There’s a place for you in the five million hearts that you showed the way home.”

The National:

Paul launched a fundraiser this week as he currently lives in a top-floor tenement flat, which will be problematic after the stroke left him paralysed on his left side.

The writer hopes to raise £50,000 to help him buy a cottage or ground-floor flat which can be adapted to his needs.

On his blog, Paul wrote: “It is a huge amount of money and I really don’t want to seem greedy or unreasonable. I am more grateful than you can possibly imagine for all the love and support, it has far lifted my battered spirits.”

You can donate directly to the crowdfunder by clicking here.