A NEW business developed through Edinburgh Napier University is expanding as it seeks to market a product which brings real-world objects to life in mobile devices.

3FINERY uses augmented reality (AR) technology which can portray goods, services and venues in innovative ways. It is expected to appeal strongly to businesses during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The new twist on traditional AR methods was developed at the School of Computing over a three-year period by professor Kenny Mitchell and his former PhD student Dr Llogari Casas.

Intermediated reality technology enables uniquely efficient communication via animation of real objects. It has been showcased at international conferences and trade shows, and the growth of 3FINERY has been supported with major cash injections from the ICURe programme and Innovate UK.

Now the start-up is looking for a graphics software engineer and technical artist talent with the intention to grow the team rapidly in readiness for the final push to get the product market-ready.

Co-founder Llogari said: “The technology provides a novel way of interacting with products both around you and far away, and can be easily integrated with existing software, offering unique interactive experiences.

“It is very exciting to have got the project to this stage, with the backing of the University, and we are now looking to press on with commercialisation.”