AN SNP councillor bidding to be an MSP has hit out after a party member asked who would look after her children if elected. 

The question to Julie McKenzie, who's vying to be the candidate in Argyll and Bute, was met with anger on social media.

Many other female politicians said they too had been asked similar during their selection.  

Taking to Twitter McKenize, who represents Oban and Lorn, said: “Question received from an Argyll & Bute SNP member today : ‘Julie I think you would be a great MSP, however I have to ask, if you get elected who will look after your kids?’”

She replied: “Thank you for your email. However I have to ask, have you ever asked a male political candidate that question?!“

SNP MP Alison Thewliss responded: "I got that in 2015 - I gave the same response."

Natalie Don, the SNP's councillor for Bishopton, replied: "Unfortunately not surprised by this having been asked similar questions myself. It’s beyond ridiculous that we’re in the year 2020 and we are still having to prove that we can both have children and manage our workload... How many male candidates are being asked this?"

Clare Haughey, the Mental Health Minister in the Scottish Government, agreed. She tweeted: “A question I’d bet is never asked of a father.”

Labour's Monica Lennon tweeted: "So sorry. I remember being asked similar when I was a councillor, and hearing colleagues (from all parties) passing comment on politicians who happened to be mothers. 2020 is bad enough without this boring patter."

Fiona Robertson, the SNP’s equalities convener, tweeted: “Please, for the love of god, stop with these questions

“You don't ever ask men who'll take care of their kids when they're elected.

“People don't make this decision lightly. You can expect that a parent has had these discussions.”

Emma Ritch, the director of Engender, wrote: “One of the many sexist stereotypes faced by women seeking selection by political parties. Parties need to take deliberate steps to make sure selection isn’t sexist. #Women5050"