SCOTTISH Labour are set to name their candidate to take on Margaret Ferrier in the event that she quits or is forced out of office.

The SNP MP travelled to the Westminster Parliament despite being required to self-isolate with coronavirus symptoms, and then returned to Scotland by train after testing positive.

She has had the whip withdrawn, with First Minister Nicola Sturgeon and other senior party figures urging her to resign.

For a by-election to take place, the Rutherglen and Hamilton West MP would need to resign or be forced out through a recall petition. This would require her to be suspended from the House of Commons for at least 10 sitting days, or at least 14 days if sitting days are not specified.

A by-election could then be forced if 10% of her constituents sign a petition.

Scottish Labour leader Richard Leonard has now said his party will select a candidate "within weeks" in preparation for a contest.

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Labour held the Rutherglen and Hamilton West seat before Ferrier defeated incumbent Ged Killen in last year's general election Leonard said: "In a matter of weeks, Labour will have a candidate ready to contest a by-election in Rutherglen and Hamilton West.

"Margaret Ferrier has let down the people of this constituency and has forfeited her right to represent them in Parliament by flouting the laws on Covid that we all have to follow.

"Rutherglen and Hamilton West deserves an MP whose priority is to fight to protect workers' jobs and incomes, that are facing such a severe threat from Covid, rather than focusing on preserving a parliamentary salary and Westminster perks."

He added voters "deserve better than a lame duck MP, who only speaks up for her own interests".

Ferrier, who insists she will not stand down, has claimed the infection caused her to act "out of character" and she "panicked" before taking the train trip back to Scotland.

She also alleges that she was "hung out to dry" by the SNP.

Rutherglen SNP Constituency Association has said their members shared constituents’ feelings of “shock, anger and sadness” over Ferrier’s actions.

The Metropolitan police announced last week that the MP would face no further action over her rule-breaking trip. The case has been referred to Police Scotland for consideration.