The National:

QUESTION Time isn’t always the go-to for reasoned analysis, but that’s exactly what we got at the conclusion of the latest episode.

Held in Edinburgh, the programme featured several discussions on Scottish independence.

Perhaps the most telling contribution came from virtual audience member Lucas Beciento Fawcett, an English student at the University of Edinburgh. 

He explained that having grown up south of the Border, he was originally “very” pro-Union.

The politics and social policy student added: “But then seemingly all my Scottish friends that I’ve made here at the uni are all pro-independence – and that’s by far the dominant sentiment.”

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He continued: “Seemingly, what most of my friends say is the opportunities for Scotland are outside of the UK – potentially being back in the EU or making their own way.

“Those opportunities are so much greater than if we’re stuck here in the UK and being consistently held back by Westminster, which continues to prioritise London over any other part of the UK.”

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Fortunately for Douglas Ross and the other Unionist panel member there wasn’t enough time to reply to Lucas’s point.

They would have had a hard time explaining why being torn out of the EU against our will is a good thing.

Bravo, Lucas.