SCOTTISH Labour could be unable to field candidates in several constituencies at next year’s election, insiders have warned.

They say a failure of leadership and “depressing” poll results mean the party is facing an uphill battle to convince potential candidates to stand.

Sources told Edinburgh Live that constituencies in Fife and Perth were of particular concern, with Labour scrambling to find anyone willing to represent the party in the 2021 ballot.

"It has been a real struggle to convince people to stand for election next year, not just because of the depressing polling but more fundamentally is the failure by the party's leadership to galvanise its supporters,” the Labour insider said.

"It's even worse than voters disliking Richard Leonard, most just have no idea who he is."

Another party source said potential candidates were being dissuaded by the prospect of certain defeat.

An Ipsos Mori poll published yesterday – which found 58% of Scottish voters now back independence – put Scottish Labour on track to win just 13% of votes in next year’s election.

They were behind the Tories on 19%, with the SNP forecast to 47% of list votes and 58% of constituency votes.

The research showed that just 40% of Labour supporters are satisfied with Leonard's performance, while 33% are dissatisfied.

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A Scottish Labour Spokesperson said: “Scottish Labour will be campaigning on a progressive platform in every constituency and region across Scotland and we will be fighting to win.

“As Richard Leonard has made clear, Scottish Labour want candidates that are representative of the country as a whole and will seek to reach out to key workers to add their experience to the Parliament in 2021.”

The SNP said the revelations from party insiders were unsurprising.

A spokesperson commented: "It's no wonder Richard Leonard is struggling to find candidates when he's been abandoned by half his MSP group and his own union.

“The Labour party is in dire straits in Scotland – and their long slide into irrelevance will continue for as long as they side with the Tories in trying to block Scotland’s democratic right to choose its own future.”