SCOTLAND could implement measures to prevent non-essential travel from coronavirus hotspots, the SNP’s Westminster leader has said.

After the Welsh government put in place new restrictions which would stop people from high-prevalence areas in different parts of the UK from travelling to the country, Ian Blackford said Scotland has an "opportunity to put in place appropriate public health measures".

He told Radio 4's Today programme: “What we can do, if necessary, is say that people should not travel from hotspots, whether they should be from in Scotland or people coming to Scotland from other parts of the United Kingdom.

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“But that will be done on an evidence-based approach where we think it’s appropriate to protect the people in all parts of the country from people travelling where it’s not necessary.

“When people have to travel for business, for work, and so on – essential journeys – they will still be allowed, but what we’re talking about is non-essential journeys, where it’s appropriate to do that.”

Speaking at FMQs, Nicola Sturgeon confirmed new restrictions cannot be ruled out.

She added: “As we consider these issues, plan future steps and where necessary, take emergency action, we will seek to ensure that parliament is fully informed and involved in these decisions.”