THE Scottish Government is preparing to present MSPs with an updated action plan to tackle coronavirus.

The strategic framework will be put before Parliament to "strengthen our resilience to live with this virus".

It will detail support for businesses in the future should they be the subject of further restrictions required to tackle Covid.

Measures to increase compliance with self-isolation requests will also be detailed, Nicola Sturgeon told a virtual meeting of the Scottish Parliament, as well as how those on low incomes will be helped.

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Scotland's testing strategy, as well as future projections of daily testing capacity, will also be part of the framework along with analysis of how the capacity can best be deployed.

A draft of the plans will be made available to opposition parties and a "detailed briefing" will be held for party leaders.

The First Minister said: "A global pandemic of an infectious virus will require emergency action and quick legislation, but as we prepare to live with Covid for an extended period, we recognise that this imperative must be balanced by the need for robust and, whenever possible, pre-emptive parliamentary scrutiny."