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JUST when you think Kelvin Mackenzie couldn’t be any more unlikable, he’s decided to talk about Scottish independence again.

The disgraced former editor of the Sun has also succeeded in insulting people across the UK as he gave his thoughts on Wales and Ireland leaving the Union too.

Mackenzie became a nationwide figure of hate after The Sun published a front page with the headline “The Truth” after 96 Liverpool fans died in the Hillsborough disaster in 1989. His contract with the paper was terminated in 2017 after he wrote a column comparing footballer Ross Barkley, who is mixed race, to a gorilla.

Despite his grandfather coming from Stirling, Mackenzie has periodically insulted Scots. In 2006, he described us as “Tartan Tosspots", apparently rejoicing in the fact that Scotland has a lower life expectancy than the rest of the UK.

In 2007, he claimed Gordon Brown couldn’t be trusted to manage the British economy because he was "a socialist Scot”. The comment prompted Duncan Bannatyne to brand him “a racist idiot”.

It seems in the intervening years MacKenzie's stance hasn’t softened much.

His main means of press now his own video channel, which he uses to promote his insurance comparison site.

Reacting to the latest independence poll, he said: “There’s not been much about, but I’m pleased to announce some good news. There’s been a poll in Scotland showing that 58% – a new record – of the Jocks now want independence for Scotland. Fantastic.”

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MacKenzie insisted he has always backed Scottish independence, though his reasons are “slightly different” from Nicola Sturgeon’s. 

He explains: “She wants it because she wants to charge the people of Scotland a lot more taxes and enjoy their pain. I want it because I want to get their bill off tax claim … Because I’m sending a load of money in a security truck up the M1 and beyond to people lying around on sofas eating Mars Bars which have been deeply fried.”

Though Scots may have a quibble or two about that statement, it only serves to bolster the drive towards independence. So thanks, Kevlin.

Next on the agenda were the Welsh, who the English nationalist also seems to loathe.

He said: “Once the Scots have gone, because of the Domino effect, then we can say goodbye to Labour in Wales.”

Mackenzie complained about new coronavirus measures announced by Mark Drakeford which will prevent people from the worst-affected parts of the UK crossing the border.

“My attitude to that is: ‘In that case we’re going to stop the Welsh, who absolutely have the worst NHS of all the four nations, coming to England in order to get treatment.’ “They can bugger off. They can die in their own hospitals rather than die in ours.”


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He then turned his attention to Northern Ireland, which he said he “rather likes” and would be sad to see go from the UK.

But the former Sun editor added: “Of course, if the people of these nations want to go, we should say farewell. The other great news is that the effect of it will be we will have a Conservative government from now until doomsday, which from my politics is great news.”

That truly is a doomsday scenario for people in England.

Mackenzie’s comments went down a treat with social media users.

One commented: “Finally Trident will be off the payroll and out of Scotland. Enjoy.”

Another added: “Brilliant work Kelvin, just fabulous. Please, please, make more of these videos. Best wishes, the Celtic nations.”

And the well wishers just keep on coming.

“Having listened to your waffle I've changed my mind on independence,” one reply read. “Keep sending vanloads of your cash. My champagne cellar is running a bit low.”

Another person wrote: “Ffs Kelvin, keep the English money coming. I have a Castle to keep warm whilst lying about on my chaise lounge eating gold infused deep fried Mars bars and watching Braveheart on loop.”