THE Westminster Government claims that hundreds of thousands of Covid-19 tests are being done every day. They have set up drive-through centres which they claim are carrying out tests for anyone who qualifies for a test.

Strange then that in England there are many ordinary people who are observing these testing centres and see no evidence that mass testing is being carried out.

I have seen on social media filmed evidence of several, supposedly busy” centres where there is no activity at all. A worrying theme from most of the filmed centres is that squads of security personnel stand around doing absolutely nothing. There has been filmed evidence that often these security men become aggressive towards the members of the public for merely observing and filming the empty centres.

It would seem that the security companies are getting money for old rope. Could it be that Boris is again telling us porkies and that the testing results are a figment of his (and Dominic’s) imagination?

Harry Key

IN response to Stuart Cosgrove’s column in the Sunday National (‘We’re trapped in a system that sentences culture to death with no power to save it’, October 11), I don’t think we should be surprised.

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“Creatives” live by their imaginations, and imagination is the last thing our ruling elites want to encourage. As soon as we can imagine a better country, we see through the lie. When people can see a better country as actually achievable, revolutions can start. That is why some developments are seen as the “threat of a good example,” as Chomsky characterised events in Central America.

Democratic or not, developments in Cuba, Nicaragua, Venezuela had to be undermined. It’s nothing new – the French revolution provoked invasion by other European powers, as did the Russian revolution, and don’t forget the Prague Spring. I fear for the future of Rojava, for the same reason.

Robert Moffat