NICOLA Sturgeon has said she has “never been more certain” that Scottish independence is coming than now.

However, the First Minister emphasised that her “immediate responsibility” is dealing with the coronavirus pandemic, saying that currently “nothing matters more”.

Sturgeon’s comments came in the wake of the latest bombshell poll from Ipsos MORI which put the Yes vote on 58%, when “don’t knows” are excluded.

If “don’t knows” are included, 55% of Scots would vote for independence and just 39% for the Union, the poll found.

Reacting to the results on Twitter, the First Minister said: “Independence is about Scotland - everyone who lives here - determining the path we want to take at home and in the world.

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“For those of us already convinced, let’s keep persuading others, with respect and civility. We all have a stake in the future we build #IndyRef2 #Yes”

The poll also found that Sturgeon’s SNP are looking at a 58 percent share of the constituency vote in the 2021 Holyrood election.

Its nearest rivals, the Scottish Tories, are almost 40 points behind on just 19% of the constituency vote.

Reacting to those results, the First Minister tweeted: “To my fellow SNP members - this level of support is hard earned but mustn’t be taken for granted.

“Stay focussed and independence will follow - I’ve never been more certain.

“But our, my, immediate responsibility is to lead Scotland through Covid - right now, nothing matters more.”