SO we have so many publicans on TV telling us their premises are super safe with sanitising and distancing etc.

Then they go to pour ice outside City Chambers and it looks like they have never heard of social distancing – great example of them being super safe.

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Can people not realise this is a war? Just a different kind, so a different response needed. Instead we have broadcasters looking for every perceived flaw in government responses (previously if you tried to call many restaurants a cafe they would have bitten your head off) and owners of this, that and the other moaning about the effect of restrictions. Some of them should take a look inside Covid wards and be told to watch the difficulties even many younger people have in their recovery journey.

I can understand the anxiety and worry of many people regarding their jobs and income, and these are the people all the government efforts and financial help should be targeted at.

Winifred McCartney