DONALD Trump tried and failed to borrow money in early 2016 to “shore up” his golf resort at Turnberry in Ayrshire, the New York Times claimed yesterday.

In a story centring on an alleged “windfall” payment made to Trump in the year he won the presidency, the Times reported: “In early 2016, Deutsche Bank, the last big lender still doing business with him, unexpectedly turned down his request for a loan.

“The funds, Mr Trump had told his bankers, would help shore up his Turnberry golf resort in Scotland. Some bankers feared the money would instead be diverted to his campaign.”

Trump largely self-funded his expensive campaign to win the nomination for the Republican Party. The New York Times says his tax records showed that Trump sold nearly $40 million of stock in early 2016 when he also received a “windfall” of $21m in payment from a Las Vegas-based hotel he

co-owned with billionaire Phil Ruffin. The paper reported that a White House spokesman, Judd Deere, referred to the article as “yet another politically motivated hit piece inaccurately smearing a standard business deal.” He added that “during his years as a successful businessman, Donald Trump was longtime partners with Phil Ruffin and earned whatever payments he received.”

Trump Turnberry has made eight-figure losses since it was acquired by the businessman-turned-politician.

In other news, Trump’s health is still an issue in spite of him claiming to be well again after his bout of Covid-19. He took to radio yesterday, dialling into a show hosted by the conservative Rush Limbaugh, to re-start his much faltered campaign, and his medical team said he could do public rallies from today.

“My voice is now perfect,” he told Limbaugh.

Crediting the experimental drugs he was given, Trump told his host: “I was not in the greatest of shape. A day later

I was fine.”

He revealed that he had met his team of doctors at the White House earlier in the day, and added: “I’m free, I feel perfect. I’m not taking anything. It wiped out the virus.”

He has already promised to get the drugs to Americans who need them, though the Federal Food and Drug Administration is reported to be concerned at this promise.

Trump went so far as to say to Limbaugh that without the drug, “I might not have recovered at all.”

Trump also responded bizarrely to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s plan to discuss the use of the 25th Amendment to remove a president from office if he or she is rendered physically unable to continue.

Pelosi unveiled legislation yesterday that would allow Congress to intervene under the 25th Amendment to remove the president, insisting it’s not about Donald Trump but inspired by the need for greater congressional oversight of his White House.

Trump replied that she was doing it so the Democrats could removed Joe Biden and replace him with his Vice-Presidential running mate Kamala Harris.

“This is not about President Donald Trump – he will face the judgment of the voters,” Pelosi said at a press conference at the Capitol.

Pelosi’s plan was dismissed as “a stunt” by Trump’s campaign team.