THE Greens, the Scottish Socialist Party, and the Independence for Scotland Party have all declined an “invite to unite with Action for Independence”.

The three pro-independence parties received a letter yesterday, asking them to “consider entering into formal discussions” with AFI, “for the sole purpose of standing for the Holyrood 2021 elections.”

AFI’s interim leader, the former SNP MSP, Dave Thompson, said he wanted the parties to meet “without preconditions”.

The aim of the fledgeling party is to “max the yes” vote by only fielding candidates on the Holyrood regional lists. They say that by asking SNP voters to give them their second votes, instead of “wasting” them on Nicola Sturgeon’s party, they can help return a “super-majority” of independence-supporting MSPs.

In his letter, Thompson said the most effective means of achieving this was “unity of purpose and a single, broadly representative Yes choice on the list, including individuals, Yes groups and as many smaller parties as possible.”

So far only Tommy Sheridan’s Solidarity has signed up.

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A Scottish Greens spokesman said the last poll had them on 10 seats, while AFI were nowhere. He added: “Scottish Greens already provide a majority for independence in the Scottish Parliament, but we have also already started the work to build a greener and fairer future for our country. Any attempt to split the vote undermines that work and emboldens unionists.”

Colin Fox, the joint national spokesperson, for the Scottish Socialist Party said their “record in working with others to advance the cause of independence is both a proud and widely respected one.”

However, he added, the party intended to contest the next election “as the SSP and not as part of any looser alliance.”

Colette Walker, the leader of the ISP, said they had no intention of having their candidates selected by anyone except their own members.