The National:

THE Prime Minister is launching an attack on a surprising political enemy – himself.

Boris Johnson took aim at, well, Boris Johnson, for criticising wind power.

The Tory leader is set to deliver his Tory conference speech later, in which he will say: "I remember how some people used to sneer at wind power, 20 years ago, and say that it wouldn’t pull the skin off a rice pudding.

"They forgot the history of this country. It was offshore wind that puffed the sails of Drake and Raleigh and Nelson, and propelled this country to commercial greatness."

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Hilariously it turns out the Prime Minister made such claims himself – not 20 years ago, but just seven.

He told LBC in 2013: "Labour put in a load of wind farms that failed to pull the skin off a rice pudding.

"We now have the opportunity to get shale gas - let's look at it."

Shale gas, aka fracking. Very forward-thinking …

Chancellor Rishi Sunak was asked about the PM’s contradiction this morning on LBC. He said: "The difference now is wind power, we know it’s clean, but it’s also now cheap and affordable, and it’s something we're very good at in this country.”

He added the UK could be a “global leader” in the sector. (However they also said that about the Test and Trace system, and look how that turned out.)