The National:

WHERE did you turn to when you heard Donald Trump had been struck down with Covid? Did you head over to the New York Times? Or maybe even the Washington Post?

Well stop. As far as we're concerned there's only one local paper worth reading when it comes to the half-Scottish orange man in charge of the free world, the Ayr Advertiser. 

So when we heard that the most powerful man in the world had a wee touch of the coronavirus, we turned to our Newsquest stable-mate for the latest.

They did not disappoint. 

"Turnberry's hotelier has tested positive for coronavirus," they told us. 

"Donald Trump, who owns the luxurious Ayrshire resort announced his diagnosis in a tweet earlier today, following a positive test from one of his closest aides Hope Hicks."

Perfect in so many ways. 

If only Trump was just an Ayrshire hotelier...