TORY MSP Oliver Mundell has been kicked out of the Holyrood Chamber after calling the First Minister a liar and refusing to withdraw the comment.

While discussing the Scottish Parliament inquiry into the Government’s handling of complaints against Alex Salmond, which was put on hold “amid obstructions” yesterday, the Dumfriesshire MSP said Nicola Sturgeon had “lied” about providing materials to the committee.

Mundell said that on January 17, Sturgeon committed to provide whatever material the committee requested. However the probe has been paused because of a “lack of evidence” from the Scottish Government, according to convener Linda Fabiani.

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The Tory MSP quoted Sturgeon, then said: “Will the Presiding Officer ask the First Minister to explain why she lied to parliament?”

Ken Macintosh replied: “Can I just suggest to Mr Mundell that use of words like lie is not appropriate in this Chamber? Mr Mundell can perfectly find the language to express his concern without using language like that. Can I ask him to consider that point?”

The Presiding Officer said there are a “number of ways” Mundell’s concern could be pursued, but that it was not a matter for him to take on.

“However I would ask Mr Mundell just to consider using that term and ask him just to, if he would, apologise for using the term ‘liar’ in the Chamber, ‘lying’ in the Chamber.”

Mundell stood up and said he would apologise to Macintosh personally – but added he feels it was the “appropriate” word.

“I can’t find anything else that would express the sentiment,” he told MSPs.

The Presiding Officer replied: “Mr Mundell that’s not an apology. Do you want to rephrase it please – I don’t think it’s very fitting of Mr Mundell, it doesn’t reflect Mr Mundell’s character and I’m sure he’s perfectly capable of finding language that expresses his view about the accuracy of comments without personaling and making pejorative terms which are disrespectful for other members.”

Mundell said it was “disrespectful to the Parliament for the First Minister to make a promise and not to keep it”. He refused to withdraw the remark.

The Presiding Officer then asked the MSP to leave the Chamber for using the “unacceptable” language.