THE slide into global totalitarianism is gathering pace, as George Kerevan’s article clearly illustrates (Think the BBC’s biased against indy? Then just brace yourself for Neil and co, September 28). Control and select the media’s output and much else follows. Addiction to television and the internet could be the means of our subversion. A wise old boy once joked to me, “Don’t believe anything you hear and only half of what you see.”

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Propaganda is a powerful tool. The billionaire elite are moving in.

Presidents and prime ministers will become puppets. Down the centuries, royalty as a system of governing the masses reluctantly gave way to democracy. A new pecking order is emerging. Don’t bow to its multiform methods of swaying public opinion.

Scotland must not be conned out of the chance of becoming an independent nation governed by the will of the people.

Iain R Thomson